Fall in love with High Heels


One can never overlook women’s obsession for high heels. Well, they just love it. If you or someone you know doesn’t like it, it’s absolutely acceptable, because exceptions are there!

High heels not only add style to your persona but also boost up the confidence. Heels are one of the most adaptable footwear’s that can be tried with any kind of outfit and always deliver amazing looks.

High heels do add style, grace and glamour to your looks but it sometimes invites unbearable pain that cannot be ignored. Wearing heels for a longer period can lead to back pain. Heels tend to accumulate entire body weight and pressure on the lower back that ignites backache. To get rid of this pain most of the girls end up putting their favourite pairs on.

Everyone yearns for the toned-leg-look, and heels help in temporarily shaping your calf muscles to make your legs appear longer and leaner. Despite such an instant result, it is indeed necessary to pick the right heels for you so that you can flaunt it without falling prey to pain.

Are you skeptical about wearing your favourite pair again and sacred of bearing that pain? Relax! Today we’ll discuss few tips to choose the right heels for you that will definitely turn your heel woes into wonder.

Proper Fitting

It is utmost important to wear heels that fits your feet properly. Just let off the pair of heels if they are not comfortable.

If a pair is not comfortable in the first attempt, wearing it afterwards won’t feel comfortable ever. Opt for a pair that suits your foot size and shape. Wear the heels and walk a bit and evaluate the comfort level before making a purchase.

Silicon Metatarsals Pads

These pads offer shock-absorbing cushion under the forefoot and the ball of the foot. It keeps the foot firm and shields it from blisters and toe pain.

Thicker Heel

Stilettos is not a firm footwear and may cause wobbling or imbalance resulting in pain. Avoid them as much as possible. Instead, opt for thicker heels that provide a stable and firm base for better comfort and painless walk.

Take breaks

When possible, take off your heels to ease out your feet. Also, give short breaks to your feet by gently stretching your ankles and toes. This practice offers a soothing effect and reduces the chances of pain due to discomfort.


Newbie’s can opt for lower heels or heels with strap. Try getting used to kitten heels and once you are comfortable with lower heels go experimenting with high heels.

Walk heel to toe

It is really important to walk in a particular way if you want to carry it elegantly. Place your heel first on the ground followed by your toe. Practice to walk with your heels to master the skill.

Follow these simple tips, raise your head high in style and get grooving with your high heels on!


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