Dos and Don’ts for Chapped Lips


Chapped lips? There is no denying the fact that chapped lips are not just painful but irritating too. Sometimes the problem worsens leading to bleeding or swollen lips.

Dryness is the major factor that leads to chapped lips. Some of the most common reasons that result in dry lips are weather change or change in temperature, excess exposure to sunrays and using unhealthy cosmetic et al.


When lips chap the first thing that comes to mind is using a lip balm. Besides using a lip balm there are several facts essential for lip cure and care, but most of us tend to ignore.

Here are some of the DOs and DONT’s to heal those cracked lips!

Let’s begin with what to DOs when lips chap

Drink plenty of water:

Consuming 6-8 glasses of water is considered beneficial for skin. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps in retaining the body moisture vital for shiny and plump lips.

• Use Cucumber:

Putting fresh slice of cucumber over lips is an efficient remedial measure to cure chapped lips. Cucumber is a great source of vitamin C that helps in hydrating and preventing lips from dryness.

• Exfoliate:

Scrubbing is one of the helpful methods that can easily get rid of dry and dead skin. Removing dryness from lips too is essential but scrubbing lips can worsen the condition. If you gently exfoliate them it can be miraculous.

   • You can massage your lips softly with sugar and honey mix.
   • You can use baby toothbrush, twice a week, to remove dryness over your lips.

• Apply good lip balms:

Always choose lip balms consisting shea butter or glycerin. Make sure you choose a clinically tested brand for your lips. Do apply before you hit the bed!

• Use home remedies for moisturizing your lips

You can use ghee, milk cream, coconut or almond oil for chapped lips. These home remedial products act as a shield when it comes to preventing your lips from cracking.

• Eat fresh fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that keep skin hydrated and healthy. It restores natural oils in the skin suitable for lips.

You can’t win the battle fighting against chapped lips just by following the above-mentioned tips. You need to be cautious about few don’ts as well to tackle the problem.

Here are some don’ts for chapped lips!

• Don't lick your lips

When you lick your lips it loses the moisture and the area becomes dry. Dryness stirs discomfort and you lick again to re-moisten which adds to the damage. Licking repeatedly may develop cracks in your lips which may even bleed.

• Don't bite your lips

Biting your lips or peeling off dead skin flakes on your lips can lead to swelling.

• Avoid using long wearing lipstick

Use a creamy lip conditioner instead of a lipstick that offers a along lasting effect. Some lipsticks may dry your lips because of the chemicals.

• Never use expired lip products!

Using any expired product that has chemicals can have an adverse effect. Lips are really soft and using an expired product can worsen their texture. In fact, expired products are prone to harmful bacteria and chemical reactions which are hazardous not only for lips but for skin too.

• Avoid intake of acidic beverages

Soft drinks or any acidic liquid leads to dryness. Also, it may lead to irritation and boiling on lips.

• Avoid Mint, Cinnamon or Menthol

Balms that contain ingredients like mint, cinnamon or menthol are not good for chapped lips. In fact mint chewing gums too can cause damage to chapped lips. These ingredients make skin dry and lead to irritation and itching.

Following these steps will not help you curing those chapped lips but will also enhance the glory of your face.


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