How To Take Care of Your Scalp in Summers


Summers are harsh, not only on our skin but our hair too. Humid weather, scorching heat and the rise in temperature triggers excessive oil production that results in dry and itchy scalp.


Sweating in summers is normal but as it is said that excess of everything is bad, excess sweat too can lead to skin infections. The trouble doesn't end here! Excessive sweating leads to dehydration that leaves the scalp dandruff prone. The situation worsens when dandruff gets clubbed with hair fall and augments our worries.

Well, let’s not discuss about the problems but get started with some of the remedial measures beneficial for a healthy and problem free scalp.

Harsh Shampoos

It becomes essential to avoid harsh shampoos because they tend to weaken your hair. Weak hair are brittle and lead to hair fall. Instead use herbal or mild shampoos.

Wash Daily

Washing your scalp daily with mild a shampoo gently cleans the dirt and dust from your hair and retains the moisture. This practice deep cleans the scalp and is essential for a healthy and nourished scalp.

Air Dry

Be patient and try drying your hair in the sun or air rather blow-drying them, whenever possible. Your scalp tends to lose moisture with the heat emitted by blowers. Regular usage of blowers can also reduce the thickness of your hair.

Oil Massage

Indulge your hair in oiling. It is one of the best sources of deep conditioning. This practice will offer conditioning to your scalp and will also provide essential nutrients to your hair roots required for strengthening them.


Keep your body hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily gives you a healthy scalp and also helps in retaining the moisture.

Healthy Eating

It really doesn’t matter what precautions you take to avoid oily scalp. If you are not following a healthy eating routine nothing seems to work. It is important to have a diet that includes fish oils including omega-3. Vegetarians, don’t raise your eyebrows! You can follow a diet rich in protein and iron. 

Invest a little time and you can easily get rid of oily scalp. Maintain a clean, nourished and healthy scalp which is free from any infection or ailment.

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