Stay Sun Safe With The Right SPF


There is no denying fact that sun rays are harmful for our skin and cause spots, wrinkles and premature ageing.  To fight sun damage it becomes essential for us to protect our skin from the injurious sun rays, especially in summers.

We all are aware that harmful UV rays reach earth and cause damage to our skin. One of the most common remedies that we use to fight this problem is applying sunscreens. Sunscreens are good for our skin as they provide us the much required protective shield from the sun rays. To yield maximum benefits of a sunscreen, it is essential for us to understand its correct usage.

The Sun Protection Factor, better acknowledged as SPF, provides protection against sun’s harmful UV rays. The amount of SPF creates a barrier and protects our sensitive skin from the harmful rays.


Sunscreens with different SPF strengths i.e. SPF 15, 30, 50 and so on, are easily available in the market. This majorly puts us in the dilemma, which one to use? Most of the individuals remain ignorant of using the appropriate SPF in the right amount and use whatever they find on the shelves.

But today, we’ll get rid of this confusion and I will guide you to choose the right sunscreen for you for the best results.


SPF 15 is considered ideal for normal skin type and offers good protection. It gives the perfect shield and blocks up to 93 per cent UVB rays. You can choose this level if you are going outdoors but not exposing your skin to the sun for a longer time.


If you plan to go out for a longer period and have a sensitive skin then SPF 30 is the right pick for you. It offers up to 97 per cent protection from the hazardous rays and is recommended for proper blockage.


If you are up for a beach party or preparing to get indulged in outdoor games for the whole day, SPF 50 is the pick for you that offers 98 per cent protection to your skin.

Points to Ponder

Besides taking care of the afforested points it is also essential to follow the right applying procedure. 

1. Apply sunscreen half an hour before leaving home.

2. It should be applied every 2-3 hours as sunscreens tend to lose effectiveness after few hours.

3. Applying the right amount of sunscreen is essential. Cover all the body parts that remain exposed to sun,to get the maximum protection.

4. If you think that by using a higher SPF you can bar sun’s damage,think again!Besides providing protection, a higher SPF may also cause premature ageing and eye damage.

5. Apply sunscreen on cloudy day as well because 40 per cent UV rays can still enter earth.

6. Look for the sunscreen consisting UVA screening ingredients like Benzophenones, avobenzone, ecamsule, titanium oxide,zinc oxide.For a longer protection from the UV rays.

You may try Shiseido Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N SPF 50+ PA++++ (Limited Edition).

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It is perfect to counter those rays and to face the sun.

So, Grab right sunscreen and get ready to kiss the sun…

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