Tips For Healthy Hair In Summers


The summer season brings along a hue of freshness that offers cheerfulness, merriment and abundant time to appreciate the beauty and bounty offered by the Mother Earth. Despite the beauty in the season, there is no denying fact that it is also one of the harshest seasons as you have to deal with scorching heat, dust, dirt and humidity that pose threat to our skin as well as our hair.

The harshness of the season results in brittle, rough and dry hair leading to Hair-fall. When it happens, we start searching for instant remedies to treat it.

Mere the thought of hair fall sends shivers down the spine because we start visualizing that we’ll soon join the bald brigade. Ahhh! For me this thought is so shattering! Don’t worry if you are facing hair fall. Take a sigh of relief and let your mind relax because stress intensifies hair fall. Don’t fall prey to hair fall and let’s counter this problem by following few simple and effective tips.

1. Cover those tresses

Cover your hair with scarfs or hats as direct sunlight harms the hair. It leads to rough, brittle and dry hair.

Cover those tresses

2. Loosen your Hair

Do not tie your hair tightly. Ponytails and tight buns can cause hair breakage. Letting those hair loose can protect your hair from breakage. Yes, it looks stylish.

Loose Hair

3. Be cautious while washing your hair

Don’t wash your hair regularly because frequent washing may strip natural oil from the scalp, especially in summers.

Be cautious

4.  Avoid Heat treatments

Avoid blow-drying your hair as much as possible because heating intensifies dryness in the hair making them damage prone. 


5 No steamy showers

Winters are gone and we all can dare to bathe with cool water. In summers, cool water shower is considered suitable for our hair. So, wash your hair with cold water.

No steamy showers

6. Proteinaceous Diet

Incorporate protein rich diet in your daily meals because proteins are the greatest hair strength booster. Fresh vegetables, fish, egg, and nuts are considered rich in proteins.


7.  Deep Conditioning Masks

Honey and olive oil hair mask is an amazing remedy to fight hair problems. Blend honey and olive oil evenly and apply this mix on damp hair thoroughly. After applying the mask wrap hair with the warm cotton towel. Rinse after 30 minutes using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. It will turn your dry, damaged hair into smooth, nourished and manageable hair. It is also beneficial in repairing split ends besides giving extra shine to your strands.

Deep Conditioning Masks

8. Try a hot oil massage

Coconut, olive and avocado oils are very good for hair as they penetrate easily in the hair shaft. Shampoo your hair to remove dirt and gently massage from ends to roots with any of these oils and wrap your hair with towel. After half an hour rinse your hair thoroughly and condition them. This therapy leaves the hair moisturized but doesn’t leave greasy residue.

Try a hot oil massage

9. Use wide bristle comb

Use wide bristle comb to comb your hair in summers. Wide bristles make your hair frizz free besides providing detangled and manageable hair.

Wide Bristle comb

By following these simple steps you can face summers with cheer without bothering about hair issues…

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