How To Avoid Puffy Eyes


There is no second thought that life has indeed become fast paced. Smart phones, fast Internet, heavy traffic, busy schedules and tiring routines. Amidst all this hustle and bustle we tend to ignore our health. Late night office shifts or parties, stress, hangover and even crying for hours leads to swollen or puffed eyes.

Puffed eyes can make you look dull, tired, vulnerable and even sick. Sometimes it is so severe that you are forced to cancel your outdoor plans due to the miserable appearance. In fact, most of the people try numerous makeup applications to fake a fresh face.

Puffy eyes happen due to excessive accumulation of fluids that results in swelling around the eyes majorly below the eyes. Besides the mentioned factors other factors that lead to puffy eyes are ageing, hormonal changes, heredity, over consumption of salt before going to bed, aerated drinks etc.

Though the list is huge but you don’t need to worry about the numbers. If you have ever faced such a situation or if you have seen any of your friends trying to get rid of puffed eyes, here are some of the ways that help you in tackling puffy eyes and are easily available in our very own kitchen.

I can vouch, after reading this blog you will definitely flaunt your eyes after defeating the puffs.

1. Potato slices:
Cut two thick potato slices and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. Place these chilled slices on your eyes. This application will provide a soothing effect to your eyes and will reduce the swelling.

Potato Slice

2. Chilled Milk:
Chilled milk has soothing properties and is beneficial in getting rid of puffy eyes. Dip few cotton balls in chilled milk and apply it on your eyes. This will relieve your eyes from the grogginess.

chilled milk
3. Tea Bags:
Caffeinated tea contains natural tannins and antioxidants and is a great remedy to treat puffiness. Soak tea bags in warm water, and then cool them in a refrigerator for few minutes. Place one teabag each on both eyes for at least five minutes for the fresh feel.


4. Chilled Spoon:

Take two metal spoons and refrigerate them for few minutes. Place these spoons over your eyelids. The chilled spoons can make you jump-off from your seat but stay relaxed. Alternatively, you can wrap the spoons in a handkerchief to reduce the freezing sensation. This will revive tired eyes and will boost your energy level.


5. Cucumber slices:
Cucumber has refreshing and soothing properties. When your eyes are red and puffy, lie down and place cucumber slices over your eyelids for 30 minutes. You can change the slices if you want after 10 minutes. This half an hour therapy will refresh your body and you eyes will definitely feel brighter. 


Try these amazing remedies and shoo-away those puffy eyes…

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