Why to Choose Hand Cream Over Normal Cream for Hands?


All the human body parts are important for leading a normal life and there can never be a contrast to pick which is the most important one. Hope you all will agree to it! We use most of the body parts simultaneously, but on an average, we make maximum use of our hands and we never even realise it.

It is with the help of our hands that we accomplish most of our works. Our hands face maximum abuse than any other external body part that cause severe wear and tear to them. To recover this wear and tear it becomes necessary for us to take better care of our hands.


For taking better care of our hands it becomes necessary for us to use the right product for getting desired results. There are numerous creams available in the market including face creams, hand creams, cold creams et al but why should we opt only hand creams for hands is what leaves us in a confusion.

You must be getting curious to know what makes these creams different from each other? Well, let’s unearth the mystery and fade away this confusion.

Here are few features that give hand creams an upper hand over other creams.

1) Our hands have thicker and tougher skin as compared to our face. Hand creams provide deeper penetration and keeps them moist and soft.

2) Hand creams not merely moisturize but also reduce spots and provide anti–ageing factor.

3) Some hand creams have SPF that provides added protection from harmful sunrays.

4) Natural hand creams have healing properties too that heal faster than other cosmetic creams.

Amidst all the hand creams available in the market the one that fulfilled my expectations is Lancome Nutrix Royal Mains Intense Nourishing & Restoring Hand Cream.


This miraculous product contains Royal Lipideum, Vitamin E & Biotine that nourishes and hydrates hands besides delivering sensation of comfort and freshness to it. It neutralizes free-radical damage and also prevents first signs of skin aging. What more, it strengthens fingernails & cures cuticles. This is a complete hand cream for the perfect hand care.

Be cautious while using hand creams on face. These creams are suited best for hands and using it on face may harm our skin. Due to sticky base it may block the pores resulting in pimples.

So, next time you want to buy a cream for your hands give a second thought and buy a specific hand cream for maximum protection and care.

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