Are you worried about Blackheads?


The fairer sex has always been more skin conscious than men. Well, most of the girls! Even the smallest mark on the skin makes them conscious and can give them sleepless nights. The worst nightmare is a pimple, blackheads or any visible spot. Hope you will agree!

Blackheads is a serious skin problem and is torturous because of the pain that one deals with for its removal. It is haunting as one bears the pain but still fails to get rid of the stubborn blackheads.


Why do Blackheads occur? Blackheads is a clogged hair follicle (pore) in the skin that appears because of the combination of excessive oil and dirt. These blackheads can occur with or without acne.

It’s important to understand what are the reasons that trigger these painful blackheads so that you can prepare yourself to fight blackheads easily.

What causes Blackheads:

1. Blackheads appear when our body starts releasing excessive oil that accumulates in the pores and blocks hair follicle.

2. Hormonal changes can be one of the reasons that cause blackheads.

3. If you sweat heavily you are prone to blackheads.

4. Using products that cause blocked pores can lead to blackheads.

5. Irregular skincare routine can be a major reason for blackheads.

There are chances to avoid blackheads if we try to avoid the above stated situations.

We use several products that promise removal of blackheads. I too, have used cleansers and numerous other products available in the market to get rid of my blackheads. But every time it has added to my confusion which one to continue with? And I believe, in such a situation it is indeed essential to choose the right product at the right time.

Well, if you are searching something to get rid of your blackheads here is something that can solve the purpose!

Do try Murad Pore Reform Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo: Blackhead Remover 50g + Pore Refining Sealer 15ml.

Murad Pore Reform Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo


This product did wonders to my skin. If you don’t want to try this one look for a cleanser that consists salicylic acid as it acts as an exfoliator, and can show miraculous results.

Just stay relaxed, it’s mere a blackhead not a black hole!

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