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  •  Preparing your body for summer.

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    It’s almost mid of the year and the summers are at the peak. Our body gets dehydrated and many skin troubles start raiding it. Fighting with all these troubles, just drinking a lot of water is not the only cure. There are some basic tips and products that may be used to  take care of your body this summer.


    Skin should look more toned this summer.

    Maintaining your skin tone may be difficult, but is not impossible. The ultra-violet rays of the sun darken the skin. And, if your skin tone is already dark, we believe you would not want it to be darker. Saving your skin from the sun does take some extra effort and time but is worth it. It is always better to take care of the skin rather than roasting it in the sun.


    Start your day right

     Just because it is hot outside, we can’t stay inside our homes forever. It’s a famous and well said proverb, “prevention is better than cure”. So, why not take that first step? Start your day right with a good shower and let the water spend some time with your body. Use good shower products that will give coolness to your skin and keep it hydrated to start your day.

    Shower gels are obsessions and enough to replace the soap bars. We offer a wide variety of shower gels with different fragrances.

    • Durance Blue Lavender Perfumed Shower Gel is the one that you'll if you are a lavender lover. 

    • L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Shower Gel is for those who are not  much into flowers.



    Keep your skin moisturized & apply sunscreen

    It is necessary for us to keep the body moisturized and remove excessive oil. By maintaining the moisture level of the skin, we make sure that it gets all the essentials in adequate amount. Excessive oil makes the skin look sticky and people would mind even shaking your hand.


    Handpicked, Laura Mercier - Complexion Tinted Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that can be used and a foundation too. It offers SPF 20 that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.



    Tanned skin is also an issue that is caused because of the prolonged skin exposure to the sun. Applying a good sun screen is always the best way to avoid it. Proper SPF doesn’t only avoids skin tan but also issues like premature wrinkles and even skin cancer. There is a wide variety of sunscreens that can meet your requirements and stay for a complete day.


    Menscience - Day Care TiO2 Sun Block SPF 30

    Non oily, sweat-proof and water-proof formula protects your skin. It is ultra light and absorbs immediately, leaving no visible residue or greasy finish. Formulated with titanium dioxide, it protects your skin in all the situations.


    Stay hydrated and eat healthy.

    In the end, nothing can be as important as eating healthy diet and consuming sufficient liquids.


  • Toner For Skincare Routine

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    A healthy and glowing facial skin says a lot about your prepping habits and skin care. Help your skin gleam with radiance by utilizing a high quality toner that is specifically formulated to add an envious charm to your face.

    Undeniably, toners affect your skin and are an essential part of skincare. Regular use of a toner can help keep your skin dirt free and make it look conditioned and fresh. A toner enhances blood flow and reestablishes your skin's characteristic pH level. It also accelerates cell renewal rate and diminishes the presence of fine lines.


    How Toners Vary With Different Skin Types?

    A toner complements the cleansing procedure and can improve your skin tone, but it will only do so if you choose the right toner suiting your particular skin type. 

    It is imperative to check the fixings in a toner before making the final call. To get the most extreme advantages from a toner, utilize the one that best suits your skin sort so as to prevent irritation and breakouts. To pick the correct one, you have to know your issues. There are different toners that work on problems like clogged pores, large pores, extreme dryness, intemperate oiliness and blackheads, however, all such properties of a toner directly depend on the things which it is made of.


    Advantages Of Applying Toners

    There are incalculable benefits of applying a toner, some of which are listed as follows:

    1. It removes surface oils, flotsam, dirt and jetsam.

    2. It works wonderfully well to remove cosmetics buildup.

    3. Is useful for oily and acne inclined skin.

    4. It advances removal of dead skin cells and other impurities.

    5. It gives the appearance of minimized pores.

    6. It makes your skin seem clean.

      Applying Techniques and Various Toners Available

      The best time to apply a toner is after you have properly cleansed the skin. Pour a little toner on a cotton ball and wipe it over the face. Subsequent to this, utilize a tissue to smear the face until it is almost dry and afterwards apply any moisturizer. 

        Let’s take a look at some popular facial toners:

        1. Jart+ V7 Radiance Toner

        This special toner features a gentle recipe that maintains skin’s pH balance. It contains peeling fixings to expel dead skin cells and is blended with Seven Vitamins Complex for intense brightening action.

        1. Baxter Of California - Cleanser Herbal Mint Toner

        Standing as the most preferred alcohol-free toner for men, it is formulated with gentle herbal concentrates to rinse, hydrate and tone the face. It leaves the skin refined and is perfect for normal to oily skin.

        1. IOPE Trouble Clinic Soothing Toner

        A tender toner to help resuscitate skin health, it calms the skin with a cool and reviving sensation. It works quickly to expel dirt from pores and successfully mitigates aggravated skin.

        1. Holika Skin and Good Cera Ultra Toner

        It is a hydrating and nutritive facial toner that is prepared with ceramide to maintain moisture and fortify skin. This leaves the skin smooth, soft and fresh looking. It is free of parabens and BHT.

        Use the right toner with the right skin for proper skincare and streamline your healthy skin care routine. Utilizing a skin toner can contribute extraordinarily to a sparkling appearance. It makes the skin more clear and glowing.



      • Surprising Special Someone With Gift Sets!

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        Nothing is better than a thoughtful gift to make someone feel pampered and appreciated. Let your friends and family feel spoiled with some exceptional gift sets that go far in leaving a lasting impression on mind of the recipient. There is no need to wait for any special event like birthdays, anniversary or a festival to present anyone with a gift that they would cherish; it can be any time you feel the need to make your special someone feel more special.

        Gift sets are the most ideal method for acknowledging people who hold a high place in your heart. However, picking a gift set for the loved ones can actually turn out to be a head throbbing errand in case one is confused about what to go for.

        There are various options from fragrances to skincare that serve as an ultimate gift. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gift set choices available!

        Skincare Gift Sets

        While skin care items are to a greater extent a need than a luxury, they can prove to be a stunning gift alternative, particularly for those who take pride in maintaining the health and glow of their skin.

        There is a wide scope of fine skin care products both for men and ladies that can be presented as a wonderful gift which is also extremely useful. Ahava Minerals In Full Bloom Gift Set and Lancome Visionnaire (Your Perfect Skin Ritual) Set are a few of the hot picks in this segment that make a treasured gift for any occasion.


        Fragrance Gift Sets

        Attractive gift sets having enchanting fragrances and colognes make a magnificent present for people who always want to smell appealing. Usually such items also contain several complimentary personal care products that make this kind of endowment more exciting and prized.

        Top choices in this category include outstanding products such as Ralph Lauren The World of Polo Fragrance Coffret, Mont Blanc Starwalker Coffret, and Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different Coffret that boast of an engaging scent leaving a hypnotizing impact.


        Men's Gift Sets

        Men are generally considered difficult to purchase presents for. One thing that makes searching for men's gift highly troublesome is the fact there is restricted variety. With regards to getting a value present for men, after shaves, soaps and fragrances constantly rank pretty high.

        Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection and Gallet Gingembre (Ginger) Perfumed Soap Coffret are a couple of great options to give your man a gift he will truly relish.

        Makeup Gift Sets

        People scratching their head to think of a novel gift idea for the special woman in their life should rest their thought on gifting a valuable makeup set. Regardless of which sort of makeup you purchase, it is sure that your woman will appreciate this sort of gift which makes her feel more beautiful and confident.

        While buying a top-rate makeup gift set from brands like Estee Lauder, Laura Mercie and Clinique - MakeUp Set, make sure that the contained items are inclined towards the preference of the recipient considering application and shade.


        In the end its just selecting the best suitable gift sets that is certain to bring forward your love and admiration for special people who surround your heart and soul.


      • Best Shaving Regimen With Amazing Shaving Products

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        Maintaining facial hair holds the first place when it comes to grooming. It is of utmost importance for men to keep their beard and mustaches well maintained. And, for those who like to go clean shaven, it becomes a priority to shave regularly using quality shaving products.

        Since, shaving is a regular practice, it is indispensable to always keep your shaving kit updated. If you’re still using the vintage style metal razors and brushes, it’s time to spare your skin from the harshness and update your shaving kit. One of the most important reasons why men need a shave almost everyday is “work”. It is necessary for men to look groomed everyday while reporting to work which isn’t possible without a good shaving kit. Here is a brief of the products that you may go for and why.

        Pre shave

        A pre-shave is one of the most underemphasized shaving products. Amongst the cases where men face issues like dryness and itchiness after shave, most cases are the result of not using the pre-shave lotion before shaving. Usage of a good pre-shave lotion is always an advisable.


        Try Caswell Massey - Day Care Almond Moisturizing Pre Shave Oil, Zirh International - Day Care Prepare (Botanical Pre Shave Oil), The Art Of Shaving - Day Care Pre Shave Oil Unscented (For Sensitive Skin) and Caswell Massey - Day Care Sandalwood Soothing Pre Shave Oil that are edible for daily shaving regimen for calm, sleek, moist & comfortable skin.

        Shaving creams, brushes & shaving razors

        A good shaving cream is always a must while getting your facial hair off the face. Obviously, it smoothens and facilitates the complete shaving process. A good shaving cream like The Art Of Shaving - Day Care Shaving Cream Ocean Kelp & Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Shaving Cream always sheilds the skin from irritation caused the razor and contains essential oils that leave your skin soft and comfortable.


        Shaving has always been a tedious task for men. The razor glide over the skin does irritate unless you have a good shaving razor. To make the job easy, a shaving cream must be accompanied by a shaving razor and a brush too. The Art Of Shaving Pure Badger Shaving Brush - Pure Black & Neville-3 piece Shaving Set meets all your requirements and would never let you go out of style.

        Shave oil & shave lotion

        Shaving oils and lotions help sofetning tough beards and give a smooth shaving process. These products actually help us conditioning the face skin before and after the encounter with the blade.


        Try Bvlgari Man After Shave Lotion, the combo, American Crew - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, Razor MD - Travel Set RX Shave Trio & that includes a Post Shave Lotion, a Pre Shave Oil and a Shave Cream and The Art Of Shaving - Day Care The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Shave Lavender (New Packaging) (Pre Shave Oil + Shave Crm + A/S Balm + Brush) for getting the best results every time you shave.

        After Shave

        An after shave oil or lotion holds equal importance in the shaving kit of men as a shaving cream. The major role of an aftershave is moisturizing the skin to avoid skin irritation. A simple splash of water wouldn’t complete shaving. You would require a good after shave lotion, oil or gel for a comfortable and calm skin.


        Try Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine After Shave Splash, EShave - Day Care After Shave Soother Verbena Lime, Truefitt & Hill Grafton After Shave Balm and Tom Robinn - Day Care Homme After Shave Gel that are sutiable for all skin types, as all of these helps in removing the razor burns and soothes your skin by making it more comfortable and moisturized.

        Product selection is very important when choosing for your shaving products as it is specifically related to your skin. Avoid products that contain any alcohol or detergent. with. This shaving regimen will help you get a close, smooth and cut free shave every time and not only will you look great but your skin will also feel crisp & smooth as well. So use the collection of luxurious shaving products that are meant for real men.

        In the end if you think we’ve missed on any product or on any essential tip just write us in the comment section below as we’d love to hear from you.



      • Choose Your Body Lotions Correctly

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        Indisputably, the secret to delightful skin lies in one’s skin care habits. What you do on an everyday premise and what kind of body lotion you use significantly affects the skin.

        Including a quality body moisturizer in one’s beauty regime is dependably an extraordinary start when aiming to keep the skin soft and supple for long.

        Applying a good body lotion consistently would do wonders for the skin, giving it a more mesmerizing look and charming feel.

        Why Body Lotions Are Important?

        Body lotions are intended to soothe the dry and wrinkled skin. This is the most common utilization of this skin care product. Ordinary daily life activities, for example, hand washing and certain sorts of weather conditions can leave skin rough and aggravated. Regular use of top-notch body lotions like Missha Sensual Fantasy Dazzling Sweet Body Lotion and Durance Nourishing Body Lotion with Fig Extract straightforwardly goes far in making the skin feel velvety smooth and healthy.


        Applying Body Lotion After Shower

        While applying a body lotion, keep in mind that it works to lock-in the moisture. If the skin is dry, putting any amount of body lotion on it will not deliver lasting relief. One needs to use it when the skin is already moist. Therefore, apply it directly when you jump out of the shower. After showering, rather than wiping the skin with a towel, pat the water into the skin and moisturize. Rub the lotion on the skin, until it gets totally absorbed by the pores.

        Applying deep moisturizing body lotions such as Clinicians Complex Renewal AHA/BHA Body Lotion and Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci Sensual Body Lotion serves to keep up the skin’s elasticity and also prevents premature skin aging. 

        How Different Body Lotions Vary From Each Other In Terms Of Skin?

        There are countless body lotions available in the market today, each with its unique blend of fragrance, ingredients and consistency.
        Oily: Having oily skin doesn't mean that you need to maintain a distance from body lotions. Search for oil-free, non-comedogenic lotion that won't clog up pores.
        Sensitive: Look for a body lotion that does not contain artificial fragrance, or allergens. Unscented lotions are ideal for sensitive skin as they do not irritate the delicate skin.
        Dry: Search for an unscented, oil based body lotion. It is also crucial to keep away from items containing artificial fragrance and parabens. 

        It is imperative to painstakingly look at the things which are contained in a body lotion. How a particular product influences your skin is directly dependent on the fixings it possesses. Molton Brown-Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Body Lotion and Burberry Weekend Body Lotion Tube  are some great picks that go well with all skin-types.


        Advantages Of Applying Body Lotions

        The benefits of an appropriately applied body lotion are interminable. It avoids dryness, cracking, and gives the skin a stout, sound look. Besides, in winters it protects the skin from harsh, frosty winds.


        Body lotions such as Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturizing Body Lotion and L'Oreal Sublime Body Nutrisoft Velvety Body Lotion also provide an invaluable aid in fighting the indications of aging like cellulite and fine lines. They effectively reach the deep layers of the skin to diminish age spots and reverse sun damage.

        It is extensively vital to select right body lotion for yourself. If the body lotion you are using does not appear to make the skin silky and soft, then it is time to switch to a better product that will hydrate your skin for a smoother touch every day.