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  • Choose Your Body Lotions Correctly

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    Indisputably, the secret to delightful skin lies in one’s skin care habits. What you do on an everyday premise and what kind of body lotion you use significantly affects the skin.

    Including a quality body moisturizer in one’s beauty regime is dependably an extraordinary start when aiming to keep the skin soft and supple for long.

    Applying a good body lotion consistently would do wonders for the skin, giving it a more mesmerizing look and charming feel.

    Why Body Lotions Are Important?

    Body lotions are intended to soothe the dry and wrinkled skin. This is the most common utilization of this skin care product. Ordinary daily life activities, for example, hand washing and certain sorts of weather conditions can leave skin rough and aggravated. Regular use of top-notch body lotions like Missha Sensual Fantasy Dazzling Sweet Body Lotion and Durance Nourishing Body Lotion with Fig Extract straightforwardly goes far in making the skin feel velvety smooth and healthy.


    Applying Body Lotion After Shower

    While applying a body lotion, keep in mind that it works to lock-in the moisture. If the skin is dry, putting any amount of body lotion on it will not deliver lasting relief. One needs to use it when the skin is already moist. Therefore, apply it directly when you jump out of the shower. After showering, rather than wiping the skin with a towel, pat the water into the skin and moisturize. Rub the lotion on the skin, until it gets totally absorbed by the pores.

    Applying deep moisturizing body lotions such as Clinicians Complex Renewal AHA/BHA Body Lotion and Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci Sensual Body Lotion serves to keep up the skin’s elasticity and also prevents premature skin aging. 

    How Different Body Lotions Vary From Each Other In Terms Of Skin?

    There are countless body lotions available in the market today, each with its unique blend of fragrance, ingredients and consistency.
    Oily: Having oily skin doesn't mean that you need to maintain a distance from body lotions. Search for oil-free, non-comedogenic lotion that won't clog up pores.
    Sensitive: Look for a body lotion that does not contain artificial fragrance, or allergens. Unscented lotions are ideal for sensitive skin as they do not irritate the delicate skin.
    Dry: Search for an unscented, oil based body lotion. It is also crucial to keep away from items containing artificial fragrance and parabens. 

    It is imperative to painstakingly look at the things which are contained in a body lotion. How a particular product influences your skin is directly dependent on the fixings it possesses. Molton Brown-Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Body Lotion and Burberry Weekend Body Lotion Tube  are some great picks that go well with all skin-types.


    Advantages Of Applying Body Lotions

    The benefits of an appropriately applied body lotion are interminable. It avoids dryness, cracking, and gives the skin a stout, sound look. Besides, in winters it protects the skin from harsh, frosty winds.


    Body lotions such as Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturizing Body Lotion and L'Oreal Sublime Body Nutrisoft Velvety Body Lotion also provide an invaluable aid in fighting the indications of aging like cellulite and fine lines. They effectively reach the deep layers of the skin to diminish age spots and reverse sun damage.

    It is extensively vital to select right body lotion for yourself. If the body lotion you are using does not appear to make the skin silky and soft, then it is time to switch to a better product that will hydrate your skin for a smoother touch every day.


  • Grooming for the Perfect Man  

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    From the tough and rigid characterization, men have come a long way to find place for themselves in the beauty parlors. Times have definitely changed, for good only!

    Well, men don’t like spending much time in the bathroom even today. But undeniably, the modern men want to look good! There is no dearth of men’s saloons in the market but the amount of money that goes in these places becomes the major hitch why most of the men avoid regular visits to a parlor. Pampering your skin is not at all about exposing your skin to too many products in a closed enclosure and getting treated by a professional. The trick is, spending the right amount of time, with the apt products that offers radiant and perfect skin and style.

    Developing a quick and simple daily routine to maintain your hair, body and skin can be the right choice to leave an everlasting mesmerizing impression. Let us today discuss some of the grooming tips to take care of your skin and hair in the best possible way.

    Taking care of your skin with good hygiene regimen. 

    Using the right kind of products to care for your skin, can give you incredible results after regular usage.  Brushing your teeth twice a day and taking shower regularly is really important. You’ll have that occasional string of days when you’re so busy that you don’t have time to shower but don’t let your shower-less-ness affect it. So it is essential for a healthy and hygienic body and skin. 

    Regular workout with proper meal intake.

    Regular exercising not only gives a physically fit body but also improves the overall immune and stamina that stimulates blood circulation and offers a good skin. Always aim to make breakfast a part of your daily routine and choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein sources and healthy fats. This all will help you fuel your exercise and diet routine.

    Keep face clean and use lotions & sunscreens. 

    If you don’t keep beard, it is imperative that you shave regularly to enhance your looks and look a thorough professional. Contrary to this, if you sport a beard you need to go for regular trimming. Using moisturizing lotion on regular intervals can keep your skin moisturized. Sunscreen is essential while going outdoors to keep away the harmful effects of the sun rays. This regimen can offer a softer, hydrated skin s that you look sharp & crisp always while you go out.

    Smell nice every time and keep your breath fresh.

    Use antiperspirant deodorant, or a roll-on for underarms, to smell nice. Fragrance enhances your personality, besides boosting your confidence quotient. Apply just a couple of dabs or sprays of cologne to areas like your neck or the insides of your wrists if you want to wear a fragrance. On the other side, a bad breath and stained teeth can lower your overall personality. Chewing gum after every meal, if possible, can help in removing nasty stains from your teeth and offer fresh breath.

    Regular haircut along with neat-n-clean hands and feet.


    Untidy hair can also reduce your image. It is a sign of lazy, amateurish attitude. Dirty and flying-around-all-over-the-place hair can really be a turn off. Use good hair care products to keep them clean, moisturized and glossy. Regular trimming of your fingernails and toenails as well is a must to add sheen to them. Your dirt-laden hands or feet can leave a very bad impression about yourselves, especially when it happens to be the first one!

    Don’t keep your regular hygiene practices falls to the edge as it is a really important factor and it’ll help you feel more alert, have more confidence, and won’t repel the ladies. So follow this grooming guide and always look good and build your character in such a way that your first impression become the lasting impression.


  • Moisturizers That Helps In Improving Skin

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    When it comes to absolute skin care, one can't afford to overlook the significance of a quality moisturizer. Picking a good moisturizing lotion or cream is exceedingly imperative to give your skin the nourishment it needs to remain soft and supple.

    Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type can be a complicated job. There is serious competition in the market and new items keep coming up every single day and what works for one may not work for everybody. In this manner, it is fundamental to make the choice wisely so as to guarantee that the lotion you select genuinely complements your particular skin type and feeds it as it should.

    How moisturizers are essential for daily skin routine?

    Everybody loves to flaunt beautiful and glowing skin. Moisturizers are exceptionally important as they work to keep the skin hydrated while preventing dryness. It goes about as a film between the pores of the skin and particles present in the air. They also prevent water from evaporating, which serves to maintain the natural moisture content of the skin.

    Moisturizing products that are in vogue these days:

    There are countless moisturizing products available in the market, which can make the selection difficult. Below listed are some impeccably beneficial moisturizers that decidedly make the skin appear supple and radiant.

    Jack Black - Day Care Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

    This lightweight cream is packed with various valuable fixings that are helpful for radiant & sensitive skin. This emollient recipe gives lasting hydration without any slickness. It also offers wide UV protection to shield the skin from pigmentation and premature aging.

    Billy Jealousy - Day Care Combination Code Face Moisturizer

    A weightless, fast acting cream for men, it contains effective antioxidants like Green Tea, Chamomile and Calendula. It helps to guard the skin from environmental decimations and is blended with natural moisturizer, Aloe Vera, to heal the skin without disturbing its pH balance.

    Evidens De Beaute The Day Moisturizer

    A fine, weightless, hydrating day cream, it comprises of Sorbitol, Lactic Acid and Eau de la Foux to revive and rejuvenate the skin. It visibly smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and straightforwardly makes the skin seem firmer, suppler and brighter. It also acts as anti- ageing solution and makes the skin look youthful and glowing.

    Babor - Day Care Dynamic Face Moisturizer

    It is a lightweight, non-oily hydrating face gel for men. This special moisturizer contains aloe vera, allantoin and panthenol that deliver a high dose of intense moisture. It is blended with Taurec Complex to protect the skin, and Sebucon present in it gives a matt look.

    Ahava Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer (Normal/Dry Skin) 800150

    A rich, quick dissolving cream, it is formulated with a secret mix of minerals from the Dead Sea. It replenishes the skin with robust hydration which makes it look sleeker and young. It is ideal for normal to dry skin and can be used by people with sensitive skin type.

    EShave - Day Care Sun Protection Face Moisturizer White Tea

    A UV defensive face lotion for men, it can be applied as sunscreen on face for better results. It features a smooth, lightweight texture that disintegrates rapidly into the skin. Rich in natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and Green Tea, it helps to safeguard your delicate skin from free radical damage.

    In the end just consider it as an essence of beauty to get that gorgeous skin that catches the attention of everyone! Moisturizers help in hydrating skin, and additionally are useful in veiling blemishes, enhancing skin texture and improving the skin tone.


  • Perfect Eye Creams For Your Dazzling Eyes

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    No one can refute the crucial role of eyes in a person’s personality. Eyes are considered as the windows to one’s soul. They are usually the foremost feature that anyone notices about you. They mirror your personality and go far in leaving a lasting impression. They are also the first thing that gives away a hint about your age.

    The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and highly prone to irritation. Hence, you must take passable steps to ensure proper care of your eyes by following a planned eye care regime routinely.

    Why Eye Creams Are Important?

    Countless people use anti-wrinkle creams for their face, but forget about their eyes. Others utilize a same cream for their eyes that they use for their face and neck. But you must realize that the skin around the eyes has different necessities than the rest of your face. That is the primary reason you need to use a special cream for this region, which is exclusively formulated to cater to the needs of this area. Also, such creams are exceptionally safe to use around the eyes. After all, the eyes are the last thing you should be experimenting on.

    Reasons To Apply Eye Cream

    A quality eye cream can take years off your face. The reasons to use an eye cream differ from person to person. They help with the dark circles and puffiness that may happen as you age. These sorts of eye issues may happen due to stress, long working hours and sometimes due to lack of sleep.

    Eye creams hydrate the skin and mollify the wrinkles around your eyes. They can likewise diminish the damage caused by harsh UVA and UVB rays. There are also copious eye creams that help prevent allergies and itchiness around this thin-skinned region.

    Top Eye Creams and Applying Techniques

    There are scores of eye creams available from assorted brands which makes it quite baffling to pick up the best one for your requirement. Before choosing any eye cream, one must be clear about the precise concern as there are different creams that work on different aspects of the hypersensitive eye area.

    Let’s take a look at some of the top-notch eye creams tending to diverse eye problems.

    1. Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream. 


    It is a defensive, anti-aging eye cream that comes with a velvety texture. It is formulated with caffeine, ocean minerals and algae that leave mitigating and calming effect.

    2. Decleor Aroma White C+ Anti-Dark Circle Multi-Brightening Eye Care.

    As an incredible eye brightening treatment, this cream evidently diminishes the presence of dark circles and spots in this tetchy region. It also features an extraordinary massaging tip to minimize puffiness.

    3. SKII Men - Eye Care Eye Revitalizing Treatment.

    This unique eye cream for men has a soft gel consistency, which makes it simple to get absorbed in the skin. Specially formulated with Pitera to battle free radicals, this cream improves the texture of the skin.

    4. Helena Rubinstein Powercell Youth Grafter The Eye Care.

    This cream works as an advanced restoring eye treatment that helps reduce observable indications of aging. Formulated with Oceanic Crista stem cells, it works wonderfully well to protect, repair and rejuvenate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    5. Lancome - Eye Care Men Renergie 3D Yeux.

    A reviving eye gel-cream for men, it offers unmatched lifting, anti-wrinkle and firming benefits. It counteracts wrinkles and loss of flexibility in this thin-skinned area.

    Since the skin around your eyes is immensely sensitive, just a little amount is required for application. Apply a pea-sized amount on the top of your ring finger. This finger is most suited for this job as the skin on its tip is generally soft and smooth. It also exerts minimal pressure on the area.

    Always start applying the cream from inner side of the lower eye region. As the eyes are usually open while applying the cream, abstain from applying extremely near the eyes to keep away from irritation. Tenderly pat the cream until it gets absorbed completely and look how it enhances the charm of your mesmerizing eyes.


  • Tips for achieving beautiful skin before going to bed.

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    Stunning skin is a must and everyone needs it for that flawless look. Skin is usually the first thing that people notice about anyone and therefore fitting steps must be taken to keep it healthy and radiant. No matter how many high-end products one uses, if the skin is not healthy nothing can truly accentuate the beauty.

    When you are aware about the right things to do for pampering the skin you can straightforwardly reach all your beauty goals. Everyone must realize that beautiful skin always begins with a good skin care routine. Follow this step by step guide and flaunt gorgeous skin effortlessly:

    Step 1 - Pre Cleanse

    Before deep cleansing the face, it is suggested to do a pre cleanse that removes all the makeup and prepares the skin for a rich cleansing session.

    La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser (Face and Eyes Make-Up Removal Fluid) and Methode Jeanne Piaubert Green Paradise Gentle 3-In-1 Hypoallergenic Cleanser (For Face & Eyes) are some finest products to be employed for this task.

    Step 2 - Cleanse again

    After pre-cleanse, it is time for a good cleansing that purifies the skin and makes it look clear, clean and revitalized.


    To maintain the skin’s pH balance, use gentle cleansing products like Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser that has antioxidant and skin restructuring properties. One can also choose Cailyn It Face Gel Cleanser for this purpose.

    Step 3 – Exfoliate

    The importance of exfoliation cannot be emphasized enough. It helps to remove impurities and promotes cell renewal by improving blood circulation.


    Evolu Renewing Facial Exfoliator and Babor Baborganic Crystal Face Scrub are two of the hot picks in this segment. They make the skin appear soft and satin-smooth while visibly improving skin texture.

    Step 4 - Applying Toner

    Toning is a crucial step of every skin care routine which should never be skipped. It closes the open pores and gives the skin a youthful appearance.


    IOPE Trouble Clinic Soothing Toner and Weleda Refining Toner work wonderfully well to calm the skin with a cool and refreshing sensation. They remove dirt from pores and also optimize the pH balance.

    Step 5 - Essential Serum

    Serums stimulate the skin’s renewal process and minimize the appearance of fine lines while keeping wrinkles at bay.

    To kiss a permanent goodbye to the problem of hyperpigmentation and prematurely aged skin trust top-notch products like Guinot Hydra Sensitive Face Serum and Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer Face Serum that refine pores and reconstruct damaged skin.

    Step 6 - Massage, Patch & Mask

    Massaging and applying a rejuvenating face mask is truly indispensable to keep the skin glowing and healthy.


    Evidens De Beaute The Peel Off Mask and Payot Techni Peel Masque - Smoothing Peeling Mask are outstanding products that deliver amazing results which can be seen right from the first use. They possess incredible cleansing, detoxifying and purifying properties.

    Step 7 - Apply eye cream

    The use of eye creams is exceptionally vital as they stimulate the generation of healthy cells and protect against cellular harm.


    The firming action of creams like Juvena Skin Energy - Moisture Eye Cream and Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity - Eye Cream goes far in improving skin elasticity around the eye contour. They also enhance the production of hyaluronic acid & collagen in skin.

    Step 8 - Face Moisturizer

    To prevent the skin from getting dehydrated and prone to wrinkles, it is imperative to moisturize every single day.


    To replenish the skin, try products like Ahava Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer and Evidens De Beaute The Day Moisturizer which offer lasting hydration to make the skin look velvety soft, smooth and supple.

    Step 9 - Applying Night Cream

    Any skin care ritual can be easily made more useful with the addition of a quality night cream that works while you enjoy a restful sleep.


    Use a rich-textured product such as Swissline Cell Shock Total-Resurface Overnight Cream or Elizabeth Arden Millenium Night Renewal Cream. They effectively overcome the daily moisture loss while reducing the emergence of fine lines drastically.

    These are a few must have products in your collection that unveil a firmer, smoother and refined complexion impeccably.